Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Call for Proposals - National Conference on Positive Aging

The National Conference on Positive Aging will be held on December 7-9 at Eckerd College - St. Petersburg, Florida.

The conference is currently requesting proposals for workshop presentations and demonstrations that will follow the keynote address in each theme area:

Life Transitions - The Life Transitions programs are devoted to models, ideas and distinctions about the critical transition triggers and issues for people in the second half of life. Goals of the initiative include: gaining new perspective on the process of making transitions to the second half of life; learn about approaches that track successes in facilitating transitions; make connections between life transitions and various aspects of our lives including wellness, community, and creativity/arts.

Creativity - Creativity is a way for adults later in life to enhance their physical health, enrich relationships and strengthen morale. Creative engagement is also a legacy that older people can leave their children, grandchildren, and society. Goals of the programs presented include: to gain new perspective on the role of creativity in program development for older adults; to learn about successful programs in visual arts, drama, music, dance and literature; to examine the role of older artists in society as models for successful aging.

Wellness - Wellness includes physical, psychological, social and spiritual wellness and relates strongly to personal purpose, quality of life, realistic expectations, and relationships with other people as well as nature. These focuses can be encouraged through exercise, disease prevention, health narratives, social engagement, practice of humanities and cultural change. Goals of this focus include: to understand the value of literary, visual, and performing arts in giving joy and purpose in life; to examine aspects of cultural change necessary to enhance the quality of life of elders; to develop a sense of wellness through intergenerational learning, among others.

Community - The community cluster will examine the role of community and sense of self in the world. It will focus on how people find their place in the face of challenge. Climate, neighbors, politics, passions, culture, services, money, health, values and family are all important aspects of a person's community, so exploring these things helps to define one's sense of place. Culture is also an extremely valuable aspect in community and should be explored in depth along with the above topics.

For more information about these clusters, visit - http://www.eckerd.edu/positiveaging

The proposals should address important issues pertaining to these themes submitted by September 11, 2009 by Email, Fax, or Mail.

Questions about proposals should be directed to Joan Karins at Karinsjr@eckerd.edu

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