Thursday, September 24, 2009


Today at a conference at the foot of the Capital, StoryCorps announced the launch of StoryCorps Historias, a new initiative recording the lives of Latinos across America. StoryCorps Historias plans to record 1,000 Latino stories which will be archived in the Library of Congress as well as given to the families who participate in order to create a recorded legacy for generations to come.

NCCA worked closely with the StoryCorps Memory Loss Initiative last March when they presented at our Health & Wellness Conference in Washington, DC. The Memory Loss Initiative is a wonderful program which allows people with Alzheimer's or other cognitive disabilities to record their stories for their families and again to be archived in the Library of Congress.

Today's speakers included Senator of New Mexico, Tom Udall, who finished his speech supporting the StoryCorps Historias Initiative by saying, "It is conversation that fuels the soul of our country."

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